Product Details:

Sealing Area
Maximum Product Size (W x L x H) 32.00″ x 20.00″ x 8.00″
Center Folded Film Types Polyolefin / PVC
Maximum Roll Width 32.00″
Maximum Roll Diameter 12.00″
Adjustable Product Height
Programmable Seal Arm Opener
Automatic Lid Open
Teflon Coated Sealing Blade
Programmable Sealing Blade Temperature
Wraps per Minute* up to 6 items
External Pneumatic Seal Pressure Required
Heater Wattage 4200W
Power Supply 208V / 3ph / 23A
Display & Controls
Water Resistant Digital Display LED
Digital Controls
Customizable Programs 10
Operational Features
Machine Type Manual
Automatic: Seal»Cut»Release
Automatic: Seal»Cut»Release»Advance
Sealing Blade Heat Impulse
3 Working Modes
(Bag Only/Bag & Shrink/Multiples)
Auto-Entry Conveyer
Auto-Discharge Conveyer
Adjustable Hood Opening
Conveyor Belt Modes
Programmable Conveyer Speed
Kissing Belt for Small Items
Overheat Safety Circuit
No Moving Parts Exposed
Photo Cell Activation
Precision Blade Cooling System
Tearless Perforation System
Stainless Entry Plate
Double-Insulated Tunnel Walls
18″ Exit Roll Conveyor
Sealing Activation Modes
USDA Belting System
Patented Safety System
Lid / Seal Arm Closure Manual
Easy Frontal Access
Indicating Display
Operating/Running/Problem Light
Error Codes
1 Year Limited Warranty
Housing & Dimensions
Material Steel / Baked Enamel
Width x Length 78.00″ x 40.00″
Height (Lid open/closed) 58.00″ / 46.00″
Working Height 37.00″
Locking Casters
Shipping Weight 530lbs
Optional Features
Taller Hood
Single Hole Punch
Entry Film Opener
Automatic Waste Winder
Film Waste Ring
Product Guide
Second Film Roll Kit
40″ Film Roll Support
6.56ft Infeed/Outfeed Conveyor
Entry Belt Scrapper and Collector
Printed Film Kit
Foot Pedal
Teflon Belt for Tunnel

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