Product Details:

Chamber & Seal Bars
Chamber Width x Length 35.00″ x 37.50″
Chamber Height 10.00″
Number of Seal Bars (lid mounted) 2
Position of Seal Bars Front & Back
Seal Bar Length 2 x 33.00″
Distance between Seal Bars 32.75″
5 mm Seal + 1 mm Cut-Off Seal
Quick Change Seal Bars
Independent Power to each Seal Bar
Pump Type Busch R5 Oil Rotary
Cycles per Minute* up to 3
Free Air Displacement @ 50Hz 300 m³/h
Free Air Displacement @ 60Hz 360 m³/h
Pump Power Rating 12 hp
Power Supply 220V / 3ph / 40A
Display & Controls
Water Resistant Digital Display (IP65)
Selectable Control (Time or %)
Electronic Millibar Sensor
Customizable Programs 9
Operational Features
Programmable Sealbar Pre-Heat
Programmable Sealing Time
Moisture Quick Stop
Soft Air (slow return of air)
Multi Cycle (pulse vacuuming)
Red Meat Program (prevents air bubbles)
Gas Plus Program (pouch ballooning)
Extra Seal Pressure (14 lbs)
Extra Vacuum (30 sec)
Excess Bag Cut-Off
Fast & Hygienic Lid Evacuation
High Volume Density Plates
Pump Conditioning
Self Diagnostic
Indicating Display
Toolless Valve Replacement
Programmable Service Reminder
1 Year Limited Warranty
2nd Year Conditional Warranty** VP Program
Housing & Dimensions
Material Stainless 304
Lid Type / Lid Spring Alignment Swing Lid / Horizontal
Width x Length 75.00″ x 41.00″
Height (Lid open/closed) 53.00″ / 43.00″
Working Height 33.00″
Locking Casters
Shipping Weight 1862lbs
Optional Seal Bars
Wide Flat Seal (8 mm)
Dual Flat Seal (2 x 4 mm)
Dual Convex Seal (2 x 3.5 mm)
Top & Bottom Seal
Optional Features
Inert Gas Flush Kit
Evacuation Filter Kit
Light-Lift Swing Lid (Electronic)
Vinyl Protective Cover
Excess Shrink Bag Cut-Off
Tray for Liquids
External Pump Kit
220V Single Phase @ 50/60Hz
208V Three Phase @ 50/60Hz
480V Three Phase @ 50/60Hz

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