custom hot

Standard Features:

  • Single, centralized control positioned on service side canopy for easy operator access and monitoring
  • Centralized TouchTEC control sets both the tiered shelf and lower well independent heaters, enabling the operator to consistently hold packaged food items at their optimum temperature
  • TouchTEC control provides precise and consistent temperature settings with built in program lock capability
  • Recessed, shatter resistant, fluorescent lighting is not used as a heating source, providing maximum visibility and effective merchandising of displayed food items at all times
  • Rear service doors are available in mirrored or clear glass and can be removed for easy case cleanup
  • Fold down and removable cutting board is available in plastic or stainless steel for service side ease of operation
  • All units are shipped with fluorescent lights and surface warmer racks

Available Accessories

  • Digital read out food probe and receptacle
  • Countertop adjustable legs
  • Joining strip kit
  • Sliding base doors for floor standing units
  • Scale stand

Configuration Highlights:

  • 3, 4, and 5 well units available in self-serve tiered surface warmer configuration
  • Display models include available options of a stainless steel or painted finish base, pedestal base, and protective bumper
  • Option of glass or solid end panels on all cases
  • Multiple display units can be connected, providing a “continuous run” look, by using available joining kit accessory

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