Product Details:

BKI’s Global Hot Food Merchandisers are designed with the customer in mind by keeping hot food hot and displayed in their most attractive setting. Our TouchTEC control provides precise and consistent temperature settings with built-in program lock capabilities. Recessed upper lighting is standard and provides attractive merchandising.

BKI makes order your deli cases easy with our WDCG Standard Stock Case collection.  We have already included:

  • TouchTec controlled top and bottom heat control for each well
  • Bright florescent lighting
  • 28″ Stainless Steel Base
  • Full-Service Front Glass
  • Sliding Glass Service Doors
  • Full-Service 5″ Deep Wells
  • Glass Ends Panels
  • Full Perimeter Bumper
  • Full length, Drop-down Cutting/Prep Board

All you need to do is decide how wide your want your case.  We offer 5 sizes from 3 wells to 7 wells.

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