Product Details:

Maximize limited space in your delis, convenience stores and quick-serve restaurants with BKI’s stackable or single double revolving ovens. The entire cooking mechanism revolves and so does each individual skewer for even cooking and “show and sell” excitement. Built-in automatic ‘hot-hold’ feature enhances product merchandising and profitability, and a self-basting process ensures tender, juicy products.

Standard Features:

  • Double-revolving design (mechanism and individual skewer)
  • Removable drive system, grease drawer and pans
  • Control panel with manual switches and programmable single stage cook computer
  • Tubular heating elements
  • Lamps for product illumination
  • Fan for cooling electrical components
  • Customer and operator side doors
  • Instructional labels for operation and maintenance
  • Worldwide voltages
  • European styling
  • Built-in automatic “hot-hold”
  • Self-basting process

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