daniels mixer

Product Details: 

All our mixers feature all stainless steel construction. The standard mixers have forward and reverse mixing. The Quad mixers have two paddles that rotate in opposite directions for those products that require aggressive mixing. All the mixers have four swivel-locking casters, four-position dump, see through lid and are made in the USA. The new DMX-200HD and DMX-200QHD are extra heavy-duty mixers that have been designed for all your heavy or stiff mixing needs. They feature a heavier industrial grade drive system and heavier paddles to easily and thoroughly mix batches that may consist of meat and cheese blends, thicker sausage blends, veggie-burger blends or even dough mixing. Mixers are available with different motor/voltage options, stainless steel grated lid, solid stainless steel lid, pour spout (salad dump), frame extensions, mixer steps, vacuum dump systems, height extensions and hydraulic lifts.