Product Details:

  • Tank constructed of stainless steel.
  • Unit provides up to 150 lb oil capacity.
  • Bidirectional vane pump allows for easy pickup and disposal of used cooking oil.
  • Fluor elastomer pump shaft seal resists degradation from pumping hot cooking oil.
  • Pump can transfer up to 150 lbs of oil in less than 2 minutes.
  • Removable tank cover permits easy cleaning of tank.
  • Unit supplied with 54 inch, high temperature, long life hose.
  • Wand allows pickup of oil from the top of the vat. This avoids breading clogs of the pump as in competitor’s units, which are drained into from the bottom of the fry vat.
  • Balanced transport position, eight inch wheels, and dual handles provide for ease in transport.

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