Product Details:

Hickory’s award winning Model 5.5 Barbecue is the most versatile countertop rotisserie on the market today. Guaranteed to produce profits, the 5.5 has been designed for ease of operation and menu versatility. It will batch cook to perfection with a sophisticated point of purchase merchandising display. The operator can choose between rotating spits and wire basket trays, or combinations of the two. Constantly rotating baskets and spits catch the eye of customers. The 5.5 uses a double rotational planetary drive system to assure the pinnacle of product quality. All of this is accomplished in a minimum of counter space, in an oven that will complement any countertop location.

Cooking: Nine cubic feet of cooking space provides a capacity for up to 25 chickens per batch per hour. (The 5.5 will also accommodate roasts, ducks, small turkeys, brochettes, etc.) The removable rotating interior allows for the optional cooking of large roasts, turkeys, and suckling pig. The user can use both the convenience of basket loading, and the self-basting capability of rotating spits. Each 5.5 comes complete with 5 spits complete, 5 hanging baskets, 1 turkey spit, and 2 turkey skewers. Thermostatic controls, displayed in Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales, enable settings for baking, barbecuing, and warming.

Merchandising: The interior cooking area is illuminated with quadrant lighting and is 100% visible to both the operator and the public, enhancing the appeal of the merchandise. Two machines can be stacked, doubling capacity within the same cooking area. The second machine can be used for warming or for additional cooking capacity during peak sales periods.

Standard Features:

  • 15 to 20 bird capacity (21⁄2to33⁄4lb)
  • Countertop unit • minimal space required • 
great merchandising in only 9 cubic feet
  • Double rotation for genuine rotisserie cooking (Drums and spits rotate)
  • Allows combination of spits and baskets to be cooked simultaneously
  • Turkey spit kit and skewers accommodate larger product
  • Removable drums for ease of cleaning and serviceability
  • Batch cooking with self basting
  • Water drip tray for humidified cooking
  • Quadrant lighting enhances the appeal of the cooked product


  • Rotating basket spits
  • 4 spit drum – for larger birds 12 to 16 bird 
capacity (4lb+)
  • Standard spits and skewers
  • Angle spits-V spits
  • Thermo wave spits
  • Stackable which doubles capacity in the same foot print
  • Stand
  • Custom Color

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